News: The Backflip Brothers (Tandem Isn't for Sissies Anymore)

The Backflip Brothers (Tandem Isn't for Sissies Anymore)

Some may say riding tandem is reserved for girly girls, seniors and little kids, but anybody would be hard pressed to call brotherly X-Gamer duo Colton and Caleb Moore sissies. At first thought, executing a two-men-clutching-each-other-on-a-snowmobile-backflip might be construed as somewhat odd, but the risk of two dudes potentially falling to their death is two times more thrilling than just one.

So, I know brothers like to do stuff together and all... but this is pretty extreme. Caleb and Colton Moore take home the Silver medal in Snowmobile Best Trick at Winter X Games 15:

More for the adrenaline junkies:

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